Buying a condo in Regent Park: A Former Transitional Community Now A Residential Community

regent park condos toronto

Toronto is always the center of hustle and bustle. It just makes sense why most of us would prefer a home near our workplace and children’s school district. Truth be told, finding the perfect home is a challenge when in the city.

Consider the neighborhood of Regent Park. It has a very central location, close to shops, school districts, business establishments and entertainment centers. But before it has become what it is now, the neighborhood has witnessed some major changes.

This settlement was originally born out from the purpose of providing a transitional community, mainly purposed to provide housing aid to individuals who suffered from financial crisis, socioeconomic difficulties and lack of support. At that time, residents receive help through social assistance and giving them freedom to pay for housing rental on what their incomes can afford.

During the boom of arrival of the immigrants, a lot of them suffered with lack of opportunities. Some went homeless begging in the streets and even suffered extreme poverty. The project in Regent Park welcomed a lot of immigrants to provide them support and help them transition out in their new life in the country.

regent park condos toronto

As of the moment, the brand of Regent Park has been changed from being transitional into a residential community. Still offering low-income housing projects, the face of the neighborhood has then transformed welcoming new faces and greater opportunities. Most families prefer to move here with a better budget choice for properties.

If you like to stay near downtown Toronto without having to go beyond your budget, the Regent Park neighborhood can be a right fit for you. Looking for condos for sale in Regent Park? Condo Mapper just updated their latest condo listings that you should check out as soon as possible.

170 Sumach St #910

Looking for comfort, close proximity and city views at night? This property has it all for only $530,000, featuring 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. Plus it’s close to transportation spots to help you get to work or school on time.

200 Sackville St #412

For a bigger floor plan all for yourself, this modern and minimalist condo unit might be just the answer. For the price of $580,000, you’ll have 1 spacious bedroom and bathroom plus a spacious terrace area to enjoy a morning coffee.

170 Sumach St #1902

Who says condo living with your family is no fun? When you move to this modern and highly functional condo unit, you will think otherwise. This condo features a spacious two bedroom, 1 bathroom and 1 parking space. An open floor plan for living and dining areas where you have freedom to design your own space. For $739,000, it’s not bad when you’re in the city.

90 Sumach St #517

Most people think that condo living compromises space. But not with this unit, which features a 1 bedroom and 1 bath plus a spacious floor area and high ceiling. It also offers 1 dedicated parking space in the nearby parking spot. This condo unit is currently priced at $1,259,000.

Have you found the one yet? Start making inquiries now with Condo Mapper and book your appointment. They also offer virtual tours to keep you safe from the virus.

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