Jordan – The Heights

The Heights, in Abdali – located in the heart of Amman, is a unique opportunity to build a new downtown for a vibrant city. A carefully crafted plan featuring more than one million square meters of construction.

An ultra-modern marvel towering above virtually everything, the eye can see. Among the country’s first residential high-rise. Elegant and graceful in design, the form of the tower has been sculpted into segments of varying heights around the centre, so as to look spacious. Alongside this, is a civic plaza creating an atmosphere for people to socialize and interact. Undoubtedly, the finest address of the privileged few.

Jordan - The Heights

Enjoy the lifestyle that offers state-of-the-art infrastructure and services poised to be the most sought address in Amman with a luxurious yet comfortable apartment – a masterpiece of contemporary architecture and distinct styling, offering you the freedom to relax and enjoy the stunning views of the financial district, with its parks, caf├ęs and entertainment facilities.