Property for Sale in Jakarta: Choose the Best Neighbourhood

jakarta property for sale

There are several kinds of properties in Jakarta, like flats, apartments, and houses where you can decide to live in. However, it is essential to have an idea of the best areas before purchasing any properties in the location. These are the top five rated neighborhoods where you can find property for sale in Jakarta.

1. Menteng

Let us begin from the areas around Central Jakarta. Menteng stands to be among the oldest and most renowned neighborhoods in Central Jakarta. As a result of the concentration of tourist areas like museums and embassies around Menteng, the city is the most costly and is also a vast range of land. It was used as a bank, and a lot of businesses were located here during the period of the Dutch colonialism. The refreshing environment of the location inspires all the buildings which have been constructed in Menteng, and there are a lot of lofty and shadowing trees. These qualities make Menteng one of the very best places to get a property in Jakarta.

jakarta property for sale

2. Sudirman

One of the most beneficial locations to land property in Jakarta is in Sudirman. This place is known popularly as a business neighborhood which is commonly regarded as the Sudirman Central Business district.

A lot of refugees are known to reside in this area as a result of the availability of jobs and the efficiency of the business sector in this region. Majority of the properties in this area are not leaving in the sense that, you do not have to leave a building in search of another facility. All the buildings are completely furnished. There are a lot of places to visit in Sudirman like swimming pools, amusement park, and museums, too.

jakarta property for sale

3. Kuningan

Kuningan is located within Jakarta and is mostly recommended for the migrants. Several buildings are in development in this area. The Kuningan is among the top five on our list because the location and arrangement of the properties have been appropriately outlined and the area is entirely peaceful. It is also a business environment in the southern region of Jakarta because of the high rate of development. As a result, the offices have been created with the effectiveness of the business in mind.

jakarta property for sale

4. Senayan

During the recent period, Senayan has become the habitat for the growth and establishment of high buildings and properties. The arrangement of the structure in this area, which includes the malls, clubs, and companies has made it a well-known attraction among the residents and the potential residents.

jakarta property for sale

5. Kebayoran Baru

Apart from Kuningan, Kebayoran Baru is another location which is favored by the migrants in Jakarta. The environment is arranged perfectly, and the location includes big houses, a quiet area, towering trees, and a relaxed surrounding. A lot of the administrative offices in Jakarta are concentrated in this area which makes it a desirable area to stay in. Kebayoran Baru also has a lot of recreational facilities which is available to tourists and the inhabitants as well.

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